Introducing IV Sedation to Divine Dental

Divine Dental is happy to introduce IV sedation into the practice. Sedation is nothing new in dentistry; most people will have experienced ‘Happy Gas’ at some point in their lives and general anaesthetic is favoured by some dentists for major procedures. However, IV Sedation has a number of benefits that can be highly appealing for many patients. Firstly, IV Sedation can be provided within the dental practice, which avoids the costs and inconvenience associated with visiting a hospital for general anaesthetic. There is a dedicated doctor who provides both the Twilight Sedation as well as monitors you the whole time. And there is the actual state that the sedation provides, which is sleep like, yet the dentist can still communicate with you, which makes providing dentistry much easier. Once the sedation has worn off, you have little or no memory of the time you spent in the dental chair.

IV Sedation is an option that can be considered for many dental procedures, however, it is usually associated with the time-poor or anxious patients. There is a limit to how much dentistry can be done with a local anaesthetic, so if you need a number of dental crowns, or maybe implants, then the chances are you will need a few visits to complete this work. IV Sedation extends the time the dentist is able to work on your mouth and in the process allows a lot more dentistry to be done. This can be very appealing to busy business people who find it hard to allocate the time for their dental visits. Then there are the ‘Scaredy Cats’. Being anxious about visiting the dentist is very natural. Most of us have some resistance. But if this anxiety is stopping you from visiting the dentist all together, you could be damaging more than your teeth. Oral health is inextricably linked to your overall health and avoiding dental visits can affect your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, obesity and even diabetes.

So, if you need extensive dental treatment, if you are thinking about a cosmetic smile makeover or if you simply cannot face visiting the dentist, then IV Sedation could be the solution for you, right here at Divine Dental.

Feb, 13, 2017