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Most of the time, it is likely you will only require more general dental treatments to maintain or restore dental health. However, there may be occasions when you need more advanced services that include diagnosis and treatment for:

Advanced Dental Services in Noosa & NoosavilleWhen Would I Need More Advanced Dental Services?

Bruxism is a condition where people will clench and grind during sleep. Without treatment, it can cause significant damage to teeth, gums and to the jaw joints, potentially leading to a painful condition called TMJ. Dr Creager can diagnose and treat bruxism, often by providing a custom night guard. Sleep apnoea is another condition that cause damage to general health. Unlike snoring, sufferers will often cease breathing for several seconds, partially awakening and preventing truly restful sleep. By treating sleep apnoea, we can help you to sleep peacefully right throughout the night. Our range of dento-facial aesthetics can gently minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to reduce some of the effects of aging.

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