Amalgam Free DENTISTRY


We are an amalgam-free dental practice in Noosa, which means we do not place older style silver coloured amalgam fillings. Although these fillings were a great choice in the past, dental technology has evolved and we no longer need to use this material.


Amalgam Free Dentistry NoosaWhy Should I Choose Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Noosa?

Today’s modern filling materials are much friendlier for teeth; they are tooth coloured and bond strongly with your teeth, completely sealing out bacteria and offering excellent protection against infection. Another huge advantage to amalgam-free dentistry is the colour, as these materials come in an enormous range of colours and even translucencies so you can look forward to having virtually invisible fillings, eliminating any darker areas caused by older style amalgams. Unlike amalgams our fillings will not flex or change shape under pressure or when in contact with hot or cold, eliminating the risk of stress fractures in your teeth.

If you have amalgam fillings, we will ensure they are safely removed and will dispose them correctly as they
do contain mercury. Make an appointment online or call us on (07) 5455 6214. Our Noosa dental practice is located at Noosa Civic, 1/28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosa QLD 4566.