Transform Your Smile with Smilefast

Imagine being able to enjoy all the benefits of having a beautifully straight smile. With our range of orthodontic options here at Divine Dental, that could be a reality. What is even better is that it can cost as little as $99 a week to have Smilefast orthodontics.

Get A Beautifully Straight Smile at Any Age for Just $99 Per Week

Thanks to the introduction of nearly invisible orthodontics, we are treating an increasing number of adults. Smilefast is a system that can provide excellent results within six to nine months. This is a fixed brace that uses advanced 3D imaging to identify optimal positions for each bracket. The brackets are clear and extremely discreet and this brace produces very precise tooth movements. Smilefast allows you to preview virtual images of your new smile, before treatment begins.

If you would like to arrange a free Orthodontic consultation for your child, teen or indeed yourself, call the team at Divine Dental to make an appointment today.

Oct, 11, 2017